Training Log since August 1

Aug 1: 3.86m – 37:57 9:50 pace
Aug 2: 3.21m – 31:24 9:46 pace
Aug 3: 4.58m – 46:00 10:02 pace
Aug 4: Bike ride – miles not logged
Aug 5: 7.22m – 1:12:12 10:00 pace

Running in the evenings to avoid the heat and the sun – feeling great out there!

Training for The 2014 NYC Marathon!


I began this blog last year to chronicle my training for the NYC Marathon – and I dropped off. I did run the marathon – poorly 5:01:16 – Argh! Yes, I am a runner of a certain age – but I do have some expectations of myself. So I’m back at it – renewed training, renewed ambition and now I’m 50 – so the moniker really fits.

So, beginning today, I’ll chronicle my training and just see where this whole blog thing goes. Maybe what I record here will somehow provide inspiration for the next mid-life runner.